GoPro opens HERO9 Black API to third-party developers

GoPro recently opened its API for the HERO9 Black — making it much simpler for third-party developers to integrate the HERO9 Black into their products.

This isn’t the first time GoPro has let third-party developers use its software. In 2016, GoPro launched the GoPro Developer Program. The program allows third-party developers to integrate their products into their own developments. It was an intriguing move that led to a couple of unique integrations, like a BMW integration that allowed you to control a GoPro camera using the BMW M Laptimer app. However, this time around, companies don’t have an official partnership with GoPro. So all developers can integrate the HERO9 Black without filling out an application or getting approval from GoPro.

Which features do developers have access to?

All third-party developers have access to these HERO9 Black features:

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Camera Command and Control, Status and Preview
  • SD Card Media Review and Transfer

You can access demos and sample codes on GoPro’s official website.

A few companies have already incorporated the HERO9 Black

GoPro’s decision to open the API for the HERO9 Black will increase its versatility as a camera. It’s already led to a few new creative integrations. For example, you can now use Amazfit smartwatches to control the HERO9 Black using the smartwatch’s touchscreen wirelessly. You can also mount the GoPro to an FPV drone and use the Orqa FPV goggles to see the camera status.

We can expect to see many more unique integrations soon. GoPro’s business model has always been flexible — often breaking into many unique, unexpected markets. GoPro struggled to make a profit for a while, but it seems the company has been turning it around in recent years. Opening the API will allow GoPro to increase the versatility of its popular action camera without having to invest in new integrations.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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