FXhome releases“significant” upgrade in HitFilm Pro 13

FXhome has announced a new upgrade to its Mac and PC editing and VFX software: HitFilm. According to FXhome, the HitFilm Pro 13 is a “significant” upgrade.

The new upgrade adds Foundry’s CameraTracker technology to HitFilm. It is integrated directly within the HitFilm timeline. In addition to that, there are several VFX, workflow and performance enhancements being added.

HitFilm Pro 13’s Camera Tracker

HitFilm Pro 13 with the integrated Camera Tracker is out right now. Both editors and artists can access an integrated motion tracking or match-moving tool within the HitFilm timeline. That will allow those editors and artists to create a virtual camera whose movement matches that of the original camera without ever having to leave HitFilm.

Additionally, artists can track the camera motion in 2D sequences or stills to create an animated 3D camera or a point cloud and scene linked to the solve. They can automatically track features, add User Tracks or tracks from a Tracker node and mask out moving objects.

How does it work?

Essentially, Camera Tracker in HitFilms replicates the motion of a 2D camera with an animated 3D camera. That allows artists to composite 2D/3D elements with reference to the original camera used for the shot.

HitFilm Pro 13 Highlights

  • Ability to lock and unlock layer in comps and tracks directly in the timeline
  • New plug-ins for Tone Coloring, Stock Background Removal and High pass Sharpen
  • Strengthened sliders on LUT effects
  • Enhanced H.264 decoding on Xeon Processors
  • Improved non-GPU playback speed and performance
  • Support for 4K, 60 fps projects
  • Support for multiple audio streams

You can see the full list of new features in HitFilm 13 here.

Pricing and availability

The HitFilm v13 is out now and costs $299 for a three-seat professional license. That includes 12 months of free upgrades. You can go to FXhome’s website to learn more.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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