Filmora X is the ideal editing software for enthusiasts

Salutations, and congratulations! Wondershare’s newest video editing software, Filmora X, is our new pick for best enthusiast editing software. The latest version of Wondershare’s software took the strengths of Filmora9 — which was our previous winner in this category — and expanded on them with several new features and capabilities. For that, Wondershare’s latest software will stay on top for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a look at what Filmora X brings to the table.

Several new features

Quite honestly, Filmora X has a laundry list of new features that positively impact enthusiasts’ editing experiences. The software’s Motion Tracking feature allows you to attach an element to a moving object in your video, while Color Match lets you create a cohesive color scheme between clips. You can also use features like Keyframing to adjust the position, rotation, scale or opacity of a clip, or Audio Ducking to make sure dialogue stands out among the rest of the sound in a given clip.

There’s a few comfort-focused features in Filmora X, too, like a Keyboard Shortcuts Editor that will let users edit quickly through the use of hotkey commands. Alternatively, a new user interface offers the ability to toggle between light and dark mode depending on whether you’re editing during the day or at night.

Filmora X has a pair of new features specific to Windows and Mac systems, respectively Advanced Title Editing will let Windows users change the position, rotation and scale of a title, while Mac owners will be able to preview and scrub through their video’s timeline simply by utilizing the touch bar.

Given the fact we already enjoyed Filmora9 for its support for both 4K resolution and 3D LUTs, as well as its useful image adjustment tools, the new additions with Filmora X cement its place at the top of our list. 

Video editing for a similar cost

Compared to the Filmora9 software, Filmora X is in the same ballpark price-wise. It will run you $70 for the perpetual plan, which includes any incremental updates to the software, but not the next version of the software (in theory, Filmora XI). Otherwise, a yearly subscription plan will cost $40 and a bundle subscription plan will cost $100. Comparatively, Filmora9 costs $60, $45 and $105 for the respective plans. 

It’s available now

Filmora X is available for purchase (or for a free trial) now. 

Nick Woodard
Nick Woodard
Nick is the Managing Editor at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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