DJI Pocket 2 can now shoot HDR video

DJI released a major update for the DJI Pocket 2. Now the handheld camera supports HDR video, audio monitoring and a story mode.

The version of the DJU Pocket 2 is the second update. Also, it needs the DJU Mimo app to be updated to version 1.4.8 on iOS and Android. Let’s go over what this update has to offer Pocket 2 users.

HDR video

Now DJI Pocket 2 users can now record HDR video, allowing for a higher dynamic range. However, DJU hasn’t revealed the resolutions and frame rates. Regardless, HDR support should increase the quality of Pocket 2’s color highlights and contrast when shooting video.

Story mode

Users can now access story mode from the touch screen. Previously, if they wanted to access the mode, they would have to go through the Mimo app. DJI has made it much easier to access the mode, now allowing access right from the touch screen on the device itself.

Audio monitoring

If users use the wireless microphone system from DJI, they can now monitor the audio with a pair of 3.5mm headphones. They need to have the Do-It-All-Handle and be in Pro video mode to use audio monitoring.

User can now lock the gimbal with the control stick

The DJI Pocket 2’s gimbal can now be locked using the control stick. All users have to do is press and hold the right button. The gimbal will lock itself. To unlock the gimbal, users just do the same steps as they did to lock the gimbal.

Additionally, if shooters need to capture something quickly, they can power the Pocket 2 with the camera either facing away or toward the person shooting. To have it face away from them, they have to hold the function button. To have the camera face towards them, they must hold the power button.

You can get information about the update at the official DJI website.

Image courtesy: DJI

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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