CES 2022: Audio Design Desk 1.9 wins Best Software

Audio Design Desk 1.9 is Videomaker’s choice for Best Software of CES 2022! Congratulations to the Audio Design Desk team!

Audio Design Desk 1.9 delivers new audio and video tools like auto-compose, MIDI triggers, instant variations and more. The new release also features integration with Stream Deck, the popular control surface from Elgato. Along with that, Audio Design Desk is introducing AI-assisted ADD Tags as well as the first lite version of Audio Design Desk.

“Audio Design Desk is an entirely new way to create with audio, combining a massive royalty-free sound and music library with a sampler and a digital audio workstation, becoming an all-in-one tool that lets creatives stay in the flow. With the release of 1.9, ADD works seamlessly with virtually every audio and video editing tool from Premiere to Final Cut Pro to Pro Tools to Logic,” says Gabriel Cowan, CEO of Audio Design Desk.

Audio Design Desk 1.9. Image courtesy: Audio Design Desk

New features in Audio Design Desk 1.9

  • Auto-Compose: Use markers from popular editing software to automatically create a sound pass as soon as you add your video to the ADD 1.9 timeline.
  • Variations: Create different versions of combined sounds to create convincing sound effects with less Foley.
  • MIDI Triggers: Use a MIDI keyboard to perform sounds and control functions.
  • Intelligent Import: Audio Design Desk and ADD Tags can now automatically add metadata to sounds from popular sound libraries like Splice, LoopCloud and more.
  • DAW Integrations: ADD 1.9 integrates with Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Cubase, Digital Performer, Nuendo, and Reaper.
  • Spot Mode: ADD’s library of sound and music cues can now be dragged into Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Screenflow and any other audio or video editing application.
  • Stream Deck Integration: Use the Stream Deck to find, place, loop, create and mix in ADD 1.9.
  • Stacks: Stack any number of sounds into a single region without destructive edits. Stack and unstack sounds at any time to make adjustments.
Image courtesy: Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk Lite

Along with ADD 1.9 comes the introduction of Audio Desk Design Lite, an all-new lite version of the software. Priced at $8.99 per month, the plan gives access to ADD’s entire sound library.

ADD Tags

This new standalone metadata tagging application aims to simplify the process of tagging sounds. In addition to metadata, ADD Tags can also add effects, create elements from stems, convert files to a single delivery format, and export them into organized folders.

Pricing and availability

Audio Design Desk is available now at add.app. Plans start at $15 per month. Perpetual licensing is also available, starting at $399.

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