Canon debuted a new 8K broadcast lens – key takeaways

Canon unveiled the XF60 4K UHD camcorder in a surprise reveal last week, but that’s not all it announced. We also saw Canon reveal the 10×16 KAS S, a new 8K UHD zoom broadcast lens.

On paper, the 10×16 KAS S zoom lens is a versatile lens that can help capture quality video in various industries.

Overview: 10×16 KAS S zoom broadcast lens

At its core, the 10×16 KAS S lens features a 1.25 sensor and a constant aperture of f/2.8 across the entire zoom range. This range spans 16mm at the wide end to 160mm at the telephoto end. It also has a magnification of 10x, enabling various focal lengths.

According to Canon, it used its optical simulation technology to help manufacture the lens’ construction. Built over the years, the technology helps Canon determine the ideal placement of all of the lens’ elements. It also allows Canon to consistently manufacture for its lens class type. Canon says this allows them to develop a lens that delivers a clear and sharp image throughout the entire zoom range.

Canon 10×16 KAS S zoom broadcast lens
Image courtesy: Canon

What are some of the Canon 10×16 KAS S 8K UHD zoom broadcast lens functions?

Keeping the image quality pristine

Canon 10×16 KAS S lens features various elements that help it keep its image clear. These elements include fluorite, UD lenses, Hi-UD lenses and wide-diameter aspherical lenses. Together, these elements reduce effects like chromatic aberrations and spherical aberrations, which lower the image quality.

Live broadcasting

With its wide focal length range, the 10×16 KAS S lends itself well to sports and live broadcasting events. These types of events often require constant changes in focal length. The Canon 10×16 KAS S looks like it would work well in those types of events.

When is the lens coming out?

The Canon 10×16 KAS S 8K UHD portable zoom lens will be released sometime in late October. There’s no official price at the moment.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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