CAME-TV launches new mini V-Mount batteries

CAME-TV has launched two new compact broadcast-grade lithium-ion V-Mount batteries, the CAME-TV Mini 99C and Mini 50C.

Mini form factor

As the name suggests, the Mini 99C and Mini 50C have a very compact design. The batteries are both 4.2 inches (107 mm) by 3 inches (75 mm) in size. However, the Mini 99C is slightly thicker at 2.2 inches (55 mm) deep compared to 1.5 inches (38 mm) for the Mini 50C. The Mini 99C is also slightly heavier at 21 ounces (598 g) while the Mini 50C is 13.3 ounces (378g).

Power output

Despite their diminutive size, the batteries provide a good level of power output. The Mini 99C has a 99 Wh (6900 mAh) capacity while the Mini 50C delivers 50 Wh (3450 mAh). The batteries also support fast charging via the USB-C port. This means that the Mini 50C will charge to 90% capacity in an hour, while the larger Mini 99C takes 90 minutes to reach 90%.

OLED display

The CAME-TV Mini 99C and Mini 50C batteries both have a built-in OLED display. The display includes a battery graphic with the remaining charge percentage shown underneath. There are also real-time readouts for battery voltage, current and remaining usage time.


The CAME-TV Mini 99C and Mini 50C have a comprehensive range of connection options. The base of the battery has a standard BP interface for use with a V-Mount battery plate and there is a 14.4V D-Tap port on the side of the battery. In addition, there are four more connections on the top of the battery, including 12V and 8.4V DC sockets and a USB-A port. There is also a USB-C socket that supports PD 2.0 & PD 3.0 Bidirectional.

Other features

CAME-TV has used Samsung 18650 cells inside the Mini 99C and Mini 50C for reliability and endurance. The batteries also feature an intelligent battery management system that provides protection against over-discharge, over-temperature, short circuit, over-load, over-voltage and over-current. In addition, the shell of the Mini 99C and Mini 50C is made from a V0 grade flame retardant material.

What we think

The CAME-TV Mini 99C and Mini 50C offer a lot more options for connection than standard V-Mount batteries. The compact design of the batteries also means they won’t add much to the weight of your camera rig if you are shooting handheld. However, as well as powering cameras and lights, you can use these batteries to charge your smartphone and run other USB-powered devices. The Mini 50C has a max USB-C PD output of 45W while the Mini 99C can provide up to 65W which is enough to power some laptop computers. If you are looking to get a new V-Mount battery, the CAME-TV Mini 50C and Mini 99C should be on your shortlist.

Pricing and availability

The CAME-TV Mini 99C and Mini 50C V-Mount batteries are available now. The Mini 99C retails at $178 and the Mini 50C is $138.

Image courtesy: CAME-TV

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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