Browser-based version of Photoshop sees full release

Adobe has released the long-awaited Photoshop on the web. The browser based service has been in an open-beta for over two years. 

Current features 

Luckily for avid Photoshop users, this release features most of the major tools available in the desktop version. This includes two selection tools: the spot healing brush and the paint brush. Also present are a number of basic features like text, transform and crop tools. The newly released Generative Fill and Generative Expand tools (which have been making waves in the AI community) are also available. Adobe promises more features are on the way. 

New UI

In addition to adding the previously stated tools, the developers at Adobe have implemented a brand new, streamlined UI to complement this release. Above all, the new UI is intended to ease users into the daunting task of learning a new program. This release also adds a new feature to further the goal of ease of use. The Contextual Task Bar makes relevant suggestions to help the user improve workflow.


Given that Photoshop is often utilized by businesses, one of the most talked about features is the ability to collaborate. As a result enables the user to upload their files to the Creative Cloud where others can make changes to their projects. Those without an Adobe subscription are able to view and comment on files through this feature. 

What we think

Even though some features are currently missing, Adobe Photoshop on the web is a great choice for those who want a quicker, more streamlined version of the desktop app. 

Price point

Equally important to the features is the price point. Photoshop on the web is currently available to all paid Adobe users. Photoshop plans are available for $10 per month. Photoshop plans include the desktop and web versions of the program. Free interactive demos are now available for those who are on the fence.

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