Atomos Ninja V will support RAW video over HDMI from Lumix S1H

Atomos and Panasonic have announced this week that 35mm full-frame RAW video over HDMI from the Lumix S1H to Ninja V 4K HDR monitor-recorder is coming soon.

This update will be available for free on the Ninja V whenever Panasonic releases it and the S1H is available to users. We can expect the S1H to be out at the end of September.

“We are very proud of continuing to develop new ground-breaking technology with a company of the caliber of Panasonic,” said Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO. “We are both highly committed to the democratisation of filmmaking for creators, and the ability to transmit RAW over HDMI from the S1H to a Ninja V is a major leap forward in this endeavour.”

Give us the details!

Currently, there’s no info about when the RAW over HDMI from Lumix S1H to Ninja V will be coming to the S1H. The camera isn’t even out yet. Could it be released the day the S1H comes out? It could be. We just have to see. Previously, the Nikon Z6 and RAW over HDMI saw delays, so we might not see it right at release.

It’s also not known if Panasonic will provide the RAW over HDMI as a free firmware update or if you’ll have to send your S1H to a service center.

Improving the S1H

The S1H already looks like an impressive camera based on our first look. Adding external RAW recording from the Lumix S1H to Ninja V would sweeten the deal even more and boosts its value to video shooters. We will be eager to see if we’ll be able to get RAW over HDMI in resolutions over 4K UHD. That would be great.

We will keep you updated about any new updates in regards to release dates. Stay tuned. We should be getting more information about this soon.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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