ARRI WVR-1s is a lighter version of WVR-1 receiver

Arri’s Wireless Video System has a new addition. The Arri WVR-1s is described as a lightweight wireless video receiver that will be out in May of this year.

The WVR-1s is a smaller and lighter version of Arri’s longer ranged WVR-1 wireless receiver. When comparing the distances, the WVR-1 can reach longer. The receiver has an operational range of up to 500 feet, while the WVR-1 can operate up to 2,000 feet. While creators found the WVR-1 to be a useful tool, some found it to be too big and heavy.

Kate Molins, who worked as a focus puller on “Top Boy”, prefers the WVR-1s lightness to the WVR-1 big design. “We are using the built-in transmitter in the ALEXA LF and found the wireless video system to be great. Personally I found the receiver was a bit big and heavy when mounted onto my WCU-4, but ARRI were kind enough to give me a prototype of the new, smaller WVR-1s receiver, which worked brilliantly and made the WCU-4/monitor/receiver setup much lighter,” Molins said.

Arri WVR-1s
Arri WVR-1s. Open image courtesy

Additionally, the receiver can be quickly paired with Arri’s WVS transmitter.

WVR-1s has a rugged design

This receiver’s surrounded by a milled-aluminum casing, so it should be fairly tough. Plus, the receiver has a integrated antennae, battery adapters from micro batteries and an extra power out for a monitor.

Possible setups

Arri provided an image showing all the possible setups of the Arri Wireless video system. Up to four receivers can be used per transmitter and four to six transmitter/receiver groups can be used within the same set.

Four ARRI Wireless Video System setups
ARRI’s WVR-1s can be used in many setups. Open image courtesy arri,com.

“The Arri Wireless Video System features are based on many conversations with industry professionals,” says Marc Shipman-Mueller, a camera-systems product manager at Arri. “Responding to further customer demand, we are now taking the next logical step of introducing a small receiver, the WVR-1s. We are doing this in close coordination with Teradek, which supplies the Amimon technology inside the WVR-1s.”

Pricing and availability

The WVR-1s is expected to start shipping in May. Pricing details haven’t been released yet.

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