Adobe rolls out new Import, Export Modes to Premiere Pro

Adobe has revamped the workflow of Premiere Pro, introducing new Import, Export and Header Bar designs meant to make it easier for creators of all experience levels to edit. 

According to Adobe, the changes reflect a need to update the popular editing software to match the fast-paced, modern landscape today’s creators operate within. At the same time, the company maintains that the new additions aren’t just simplifying the process, but enhancing the editing experience overall.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates to Adobe Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro’s Import Mode emphasizes content

Adobe describes the new Import Mode as a feature that “focuses on what social video creators and editors need to do first – access their content quickly and easily.” Gone are old settings dialogs like New Project and New Sequence. In their place is a quicker way to access media storage, choose the files you want to work with and immediately import them into Premiere Pro to start on the editing process. 

A few points of emphasis here are the ability to easily preview clips before selecting them, as well as the option to add preferred storage locations to your “favorites” section. Essentially, Adobe’s Import Mode makes it easy to choose the content you want, then jump in and start editing. 

The new Header Bar organizes Premiere Pro’s essentials

The way Adobe describes it, the new header bar puts the three main aspects of Premiere Pro front and center: Import, Edit and Export. From there, you can access a task-specific workspace dropdown menu, or even utilize Premiere Pro’s Quick Export functionality directly from the header bar. 

Adobe says the new header bar will be a universal design across every Creative Cloud application that supports the import/export process. In other words, start using the header bar when you can, because it seems like it’s here to stay. 

High-powered Export Mode

Adobe’s new Export Mode offers a number of highlights. Not only can you use Export Mode to export multiple files to a local drive. Now, though, you can designate a social media platform you want to publish your content on, optimize it for that particular platform, then upload the content directly from Premiere Pro when you’re ready to publish.

What’s next for Premiere Pro?

Adobe says these new updates will start rolling out in public beta in order to let customers use and provide feedback about the new aspects of Premiere Pro. Adobe also promised this is just the beginning with retooling Premiere Pro, vaguely nodding to updates that could come in the near future.

Since it will be rolling out in public beta, there may be a few hiccups as editors and creators get acclimated to these new features. Still, it seems like Adobe is taking a step in the right direction by attempting to make Premiere Pro a far easier and more enjoyable experience for all. 

Nick Woodard
Nick Woodard
Nick is the Managing Editor at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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