3 things to know about the new DJI Mini SE

Though the DJI Mini SE’s has already been spotted in some international markets, it’s taken DJI some time to release it in the US. Finally, though, the drone is here.

With the announcement of the DJI Mini SE’s release today ( but notably not notifying the press before the announcement), the new drone looks like another strong offering from DJI. Though not DJI’s most powerful drone, the Mini SE opts for portability and safety while also offering some notable features.

Let’s dive into what the DJI Mini SE has to offer.

Lightweight design

The DJI Mini SE is a lightweight drone, weighing under 249 grams. You can compare its weight to a smartphone, since it weighs just slightly more than a standard one. It’s actually so light that you can avoid most restrictions assigned to drones over 249 grams.

Design wise, the new drone features a similar design to the Mini 2. So, we can expect the drone to be both highly portable and wind-resistant.

DJI Mini SE angled
Image courtesy: DJI

Safety features

Though smaller, lighter drones such as the Mini SE are safer than heavier drones, they still need to be flown safely. The drone does come with 360° propeller guards, making it safe to fly indoors. Additionally, the drone features DJI’s trademark sensors, allowing the drone to hover in place.

Decent shooting capabilities

The DJI Mini SE can shoot 2.7K Quad HD videos and 12MP aerial photos. It does come with a 3-axis motorized gimbal, keeping footage smooth during flights. Additionally, its flight time maxes out at 30 minutes, which is quite decent for a drone.

Pricing and availability

Though it’s a sudden release for us all in the US, you can purchase the DJI Mini SE right now for $300.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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