Insta360’s One X is a 5.7K 360-degree video shooting action cam

Insta360’s out again with another 360-degree action camera: the ONE X. But this action cam could be the “future of the action camera” according to Insta360.

With a heap of features, the ONE X shoots 5.7K 360-degree video. In addition, it has “groundbreaking” stabilization that Insta360 claims to reach gimbal-level. Additionally, Insta360 says the action cam has “cinematic” slow-mo. The camera is compatible with iOS and Android and both versions will begin to shipping October 17th.

A sharp shooter

As said before, the ONE X records 5.7K video at 30 frames per second. Users can opt to use the camera’s 4K 50 fps mode for more dynamic scenes, as well at the 100 fps 3K mode. The camera’s signature Bullet Time mode – where you swing the camera above your head with a string or stick – has been upgraded to 3K with a wider field of view. However, the mode’s been reduced to 100 fps.

Image settings like the camera’s ISO, exposure value, white balance and shutter speed can all be manually adjusted in the settings

The camera shoots 19 megapixels photos. That’s a step down from the ONE’s 24 MP count. But the sensor has larger sub-pixels, so the image quality should actually be better. Additionally, the 360 camera features HDR photos, timelapses, hyperlapses, interval shooting and timed shots. A RAW mode is also available as well.

Gimbal-like stabilization

Inside the ONE X is an upgraded FlowState stabilization algorithm. Insta360 is confident this stabilization algorithm is able to “achieve a level of stabilization never before possible with a single device.

“FlowState lets users capture impossibly smooth video with no accessories needed,” says Insta360.

The ONE X can mount to a number of different mounts — from helmets to a kayak — so there’s both versatility to the shots you can achieve and the stabilization should help make those shots more stable.

The Drifting ONE X

Like how the ONE let you swing it around and record it Bullet Time effect, the ONE X has its own unique effect. The Drift Shot effect lets you get airborne slow-motion shots. To do this effect though you’ll need a $30 “Drifter” frame. The frame houses the camera. Why does it need protection for this effect? Because to get the effect you have to actually throw your ONE X! Here’s an example of a Drift Shot:

Other noteworthy features

The ONE X has a removable 1200 mAH battery and connects with 5.8 GHz WiFi. And just like the ONE, it can digitally remove selfie sticks from scenes, making it appear to be floating in mid-air. There’s also a ONE X editing app that allows users to re-frame and re-edit parts of a scene.

Pricing and availability

The Insta360 ONE X is running for $399 and is available right now at Shipping begins October 17th.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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