How to create funny videos to make your audience laugh

Comedy presents itself in many different mediums. While how the comedy appears varies based on the style and delivery of the comic, the end goal is all the same: make the audience laugh. Video can be a great way to deliver a funny story to an audience. Here are a few tips to help you deliver your humorous story through video.

Use multiple cameras

Depending on the kind of comedy act you are filming, you want to have at least two cameras on set. Three or four cameras is preferable. Why would you need to have multiple cameras? It is essential to have multiple cameras because not only does it add visual interest, it also allows you better to capture all angles of the performance and joke. Even if you are filming a live standup comedy, you are going to want to get a wide shot of the stage, a close-up of the comedian, and the audience’s reaction.

Every comedian is different. Some can get very physical in the delivery of their punchline. Others make faces to sell the story they are telling. Covering a variety of angles allows you and the comedian to have much more flexibility while on stage. Additionally, it gives you a lot more flexibility when editing your funny videos.

Be sure to get the reaction shot

As you tell your funny stories or deliver a punchline, be sure to capture the reaction of the person delivering the story and reaction of the audience (if there is one). Doing this will allow the deliverer to react to the elements of the story in a humorous way. Additionally, it will enable the person telling to story to connect with the audience.

Reactions allow the deliverer to add emotion to the delivery and interest to the words spoken. For instance, you would never want to miss Robin Williams’ or Jim Carrey’s face reactions and facial expressions in any of their films. It is their personalities that sell the comedic story. Comedy lives in setting up a joke and the payoff.

The audience’s reaction and the person delivering the joke is a part of the payoff for the viewer.

Camera techniques

One of the more traditional camera techniques used for funny videos is known as the quick zoom. It is a dramatic pull in whenever someone delivers a joke. The best way to describe the shot is to think of the villain of a story. After they deliver their evil plan, the camera can zoom in close to their face for a funny, dramatic effect.

Another technique deals with timing. Usually, when a character finishes talking, the camera cuts to another scene. However, you can use this to your advantage. Instead of cutting away, keep the camera on the character. The pause in the scene will add a build-up to the ultimate punchline. An excellent example of this shot is in Shawn of the Dead. Shawn takes a moment to walk up a small sild latter to check to see if there are any zombies are on the other side of the fence. The other side has a massive amount of zombies; however, the camera doesn’t cut to them. Instead, it stays focused on Shawn as he steps out of the frame for a moment. His tone changes almost immediately after checking, and since it is still the same scene, the fast tone shift in his character is humorous.

Use visual and sound effects

A lot of comedic YouTubers use funny sound effects and visuals to make the video even funnier. Just look at the top subscribed creator on YouTube, Pewdiepie. His videos are always chock full of visual effects to help deliver his points. Additionally, sound effects and music help make the visual effects fit and make the scene funnier.

Sound effects and visual effects, while not required to be funny, really help keep visual interest and are random enough to keep the audience guessing what will come next. However, it depends on the content you are trying to make. Some videos will not fit with visual effects, while some do. It depends on the kind of ton of comedy you are looking to achieve.

Comedy can be delivered in many different ways. The best way to tell your comedic story will depend on you. There are as many slapstick videos as there are video held up by dry humor. Find what you find funny and make your video around that style.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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