CyberLink’s Director Suite 365 Takes a Few Cues from Adobe

Adobe is a leader in video editing software, and CyberLink’s Director Suite is now more like Adobe’s offerings than ever with the release of the subscription-based Director Suite 365.

While CyberLink still lets you purchase a perpetual license for its editing applications, starting with the Director Suite 365, the company will be offering a “365 Subscription” buying option that gives its backers exclusive content. Also, those paying for a subscription will get product updates, new plugins, Style Packs and 3rd-party add-ins at no additional cost.

However, subscriptions aren’t the only things coming to the Director Suite. CyberLink has added new features to PhotoDirector 10 and PowerDirector 17 — as well as ColorDirector 7 and AudioDirector 9. Let’s see what’s new:

PhotoDirector 10

There are major updates being added the PhotoDirector 10’s layer editing. In the latest iteration of the program, CyberLink is adding Adjustment Layers, Clipping Masks and Layer Groups. All of this makes PhotoDirecor 10 closer to what you’d experience with Photoshop’s layer experience.

Tethered shooting has also been added. The new feature targets those who “need to instantly proof and edit their photos,” says CyberLink. Tethering essentially allows you to connect your camera to a PC in a studio or in the field so when you take a shot, you can instantly work on it in PhotoDirector.

CyberLink is also following suit to Adobe’s Sensei with its own AI editing. They’re adding an AI Style Plugin and Packs for PhotoDirector. The AI Style Packs uses “deep learning” to “demonstrating a much greater understanding of the thought processes behind how human artists create their masterpieces – right down to brush strokes and color tones,” says CyberLink.

PowerDirector 17

The latest version of the PowerDirector also adds a few features to the mix. One of the most notable is a multi-camera editing mode. A demo from the company showed a system for synchronizing, combing, and color matching clips shot from numerous perspectives of the same scene.

Additionally, CyberLink’s added Nest Projects, which allows you to add and edit multiple projects at once.

Other features that have been added include: Integrated Video Collages, customizable design tools and Video Pre-cut. Video Pre-cut cuts long clips into shorter ones and allows those segments to be reused throughout multiple projects.

Also, the application’s chroma key masking has been enhanced to allow for multiple color ranges to be selected for the mask.

AudioDirector 9 and ColorDirector 7

AudioDirector 9 and ColorDirector 7 also get a few new features:

AudioDirector 9

  • Add multiple tracks to the same timeline
  • Spatial Audio Panner
  • Batch Processing

ColorDirector 7

  • Improved Global Adjustments with Global Tone Level presets.
  • Improved Regional Adjustments
  • Keyframe Support for Presets

Pricing and Availability for everything in the Director Suite 365

Everything talked about in this post is available at CyberLink’s online store. Prices will vary depending on what you purchase, but most prices are hovering around a $100 for perpetual licenses. Subscriptions prices vary based on the length of your commitment, starting at $20 for one month.

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