Preparation and Organization

In this video you’ll learn the basic workflow of video editing. We’ll start with how to prepare for the edit. Where you’ll learn how to make and follow a plan. Part of that plan will require being organized. We’ll talk about how to organize and how to stay organized. Organization isn’t just to help you find your assets, but also to save you time during the edit.

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  1. Hey Fred, Some course videos are free and some require course purchase or Videomaker Plus Membership. This video on Preparation and Organization is free to all. It might be that the video is not loading correctly for you on this page — which we’d like to fix! It should appear above the text block, but please reply back if it’s not there.


  2. Check and see if your browser has a script blocker plugin, or other security setting, that requires you to designate certain sites as safe for viewing. The video wasn’t loading for me either until I changed the plug-in setting to allow access to the site.

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