Usually, one to avoid, Chris and Mike review the jump cut and how using it for going from one similar shot to another can be jarring.
Chris and Mike discuss how you can cover up harsh transitions between scenes by using a flash transition.
Mike and Chris review the quintessential Star Wars transition.
Self aware and cheesy, the iris is not invisible but  embraces what it’s doing.
Mike and Chris explain how you can go from one shot to another seamlessly just by matching the action from each shot. 
Chris and Mike talk about how you can morph one shot into the next one using a morph cut.
 Mike and Chris cover some cheesy transitions like the star wipe, the page peel, their uses and what to avoid. 
The Videomaker Podcast is your go-to resource for everything about the world of videography. In this episode, Mike and Chris talk all about the best cameras out there. They go over Videomaker's Best Mirrorless and DSLR Camera Buyers guide. You don't want to miss this information-packed episode of the Videomaker Podcast.
Mike and Chris discuss all things transitions. They discuss all the bad transitions and what transitions you should be using.
Mike and Chris discuss the fundamentals of the exposure triangle and how they impact your exposure.