Tips to shoot a product video
If you want to create flattering and creative product videos for you clients, then you need to know these five tips before you start shooting.
Multicamera setup
Multicamera setups can take a lot of work. To help out, we've come up with 6 essential things you need to check before every multicamera shoot.
Orson Welles at a canted angle in The Third Man
A “dutch angle” is a slanted horizon in a photo, video, painting or even comic book frame. These can be subtle or extreme. Possibly the most famous example, done to the point of absurdity, is the 1966 television version of the show Batman. In the series, every...
Array of light bulbs with different temperatures.
When is white not really white? When it’s headed toward an unprepared camera sensor. Understanding white balance and the color difference between light sources is critical to getting the best look from your camera.Different light sources produce different color temperatures
In this episode of the Videomaker Podcast, We talk all about green screen — how to do it right and whether you should even do it at all.
We’ve all been there. Someone's found out that you have the video tools and the talent, and you get volunteered to record something, shall we say, less than exciting. Perhaps it’s a school play, or a kid’s sporting event or a musical recital. Your first, gut reaction...
“It's not about replacing existing ways of working. It's about complementing them using the gear that we already have,” says Philip Bromwell. Bromwell is a journalist with Ireland's National radio and television network RTÉ. He is a unique blend of reporter, shooter and editor. Bromwell got his...
Photo montage of children in fall
For the video creative, every shot tells a story. Learning the art of visual storytelling will take your video from mundane to engaging.
Cinematography Techniques
Cinematography is more than just pointing a camera and capturing images. The Cinematographer's art is visual storytelling.
Getting enough B-roll not only will make you happier later, but your viewers will understand your story that much better, too.
One of the most overlooked areas of video production is gathering B-roll footage that tells a compelling story. Here's what B-roll is and it's so important.

Stuff You Need to Know

It's important to understand your customer's needs and to illustrate how 360-degree will specifically help their business.

How To Make Money With VR and 360-degree Video

While the gear buy-in can be relatively inexpensive, producing engaging content is a bit more challenging. Let's take a look at gear, production and...