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Project management for video means figuring out what needs to be done, in what order and by what time. Then, you must ensure it actually gets done.
Ever wonder if entering a video contest is a smart use of your time? There are numerous benefits to stretching your creativity with some healthy competition.
With the gig economy experiencing a full boom, more attention than ever is turning to the backbone of companies, like Uber — independent contractors.
A video is not a work of art until it has been edited. That's where the magic happens. Here's how to harness that magic as a full-time video editor.
Making video is more accessible than ever, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be compensated for your time and skill. Here's how to compete with free when it comes to video production work.
As videographers, we tend to focus on the creative side of video production. However, if you want to take your videography to the next level and turn your skills into a profitable business, you will need to know a few things about accounting and budgeting. Accounting doesn’t have to...
The more streams of video income you can develop now, the better off you’ll be later.
So, you got yourself a camera and you’re all set to go make your mark on the video industry. Not so fast! The video landscape is littered with folks who went out in the world and failed. That said, this doesn’t have to happen to you if you follow...
Think of the videos you make for clients not just as a singular end-product, but as a tool that will be used to spread a message.
There is this idea that, because most people now have cameras in their pockets, making a video is easy. Hiring a professional, therefore, shouldn’t cost that much. As a pro videographer, what can you do to make sure you get paid what you deserve? We’re going to give you...
With careful planning and measured purchases your kit can expand and develop as your business grows, while minimising the impact on your pocket.
Manufacturers are constantly trying to tempt you with the new and updated versions of their products. Plus, video-making trade shows such as NAB are annual feasts of new delights to challenge your wallet. It can be easy to develop gear lust, wanting new gear simply because it exists. Yet, unless...
Getting financing may seem daunting, but just remember, once you’ve got it in place, the fun part can start: putting your dream into reality.
You’ve got a great idea for a video project or business, so the next step would seem to be finding some funding to supplement what you can put into the project from savings. Before you do that, though, you need to create a budget that addresses how much additional...

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