Note:  This article provides general information, not legal advice. Consult a local attorney with any questions.  Drones afford many benefits, some quite extraordinary, including assisting with aerial mapping, education, real estate and cropland management, urban planning, power line and pipeline inspection, wildfire management, disaster response administration, emergency medicine deliveries, telecommunications,...
How to crop in Photoshop
Photoshop's crop tool is a powerful tool you can use to create a beautifully composed photos. Here's how to get started with the tool.
A new player in audio has emerged to the delight of anyone looking to enhance their streaming content. It’s called spatial sound. Videographers spend hours using the latest innovations for creating the most impressive video that they can. Audio, however, has played second fiddle through the years, with the now-decades...
The majority of today's modern movies and television shows are now shot on digital media rather than film. This shift has allowed filmmakers to use computers to manipulate color in increasingly creative and innovative ways. And, in doing so, a fairly new role has gained prominence in the filmmaking...
Fillmmaking requires several audio roles that work together to create great, impactful sound that adds to movies and video.
Aside from the director, the cast, the camera operator and, perhaps, the boom operator, how many filmmaking roles can you list on the spot? Let's go through the responsibilities of each crew member on a typical scripted project.
Post-Production jobs open art
There are many important post-production jobs; we’re here to help you sort out the many different roles in this stage of a project and explain what they do.
If you want to prove you have the skills and knowledge of using Premiere Pro to its full potential, obtaining the Adobe Certified Professional badge helps make a difference.
Video Marketing: What, Why, and How?
The world of technology is always changing and video production is no exception to that rule. We have seen a large transformation in the last 15 years. Video resolution has gone from standard definition to 4K, and now 6K and 8K. We have seen cameras get smaller and equipment...
John Ford is one of those directors who had a profound impact in the industry. “The best director in the world” - Ingmar Bergman The "king of directors” - Frank Capra "A John Ford film was a visual gratification” - Alfred Hitchcock "I have respected John Ford from the beginning. Needless to...


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