Flanger and phaser feature art
If you are trying to choose between a flanger or phaser when mixing audio, you first need to understand what they are and how pros use them.
YouTube bitrate
If you want to optimize the quality of your YouTube videos and the experience watching them, you need to use the best bitrate.
citizen photojournalist
With enough practice and skill, you can become a citizen photojournalist and bring breaking news to news stations and the rest of the world.
SanDisk Pro tells us about the new SanDisk Pro Dock. This innovative dock and media reader has some really cool features. Watch this video to learn about them.
Avid Media Composer, also referred to as just Avid, has made some big progress from your fathers Avid. Learn about the new additions and improvements to the line up in this video.
Blackmagic released a long list of products this year, in this video you will learn about them all!
Made for the Canon R5 with the new RF mirrorless lens mount, the Canon F/2.8L Dual Fisheye 3D VR Stereoscopic Lens is an innovative and new way to produce a stereoscopic image.
Condenser microphone featured images
The condenser microphone has been around for ages, but what is it exactly? We'll break down what a condenser microphone is and give examples.
What does a cinematographer do?
The role cinematographers fill is vital, as they are directly responsible for the visual look and feel of the films they work on.
light leaks feature image
Light leaks are one of the most popular cinematic techniques out there — and you can create your own for your videos in just five minutes.




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