Ruvi Camcorder Fits into the Palm of your Hand
Groovy Ruvi Sony recently introduced the Ruvi, a pocket-sized camcorder. The Ruvi stores 30 minutes of Hi8 quality video with AFM hi-fi audio, by using an internal Hi8XR cartridge. The Ruvi will operate for one hour on two AA batteries, or 90 minutes on the supplied rechargeable Infolithium battery. For...
This month: Casablanca DV Nonlinear Editor Azden ECZ-990 Zoom Microphone Sharp VL-PD1U Slimcam Cool-Lux Video Kit light kit Magix Music Maker music creation software Standing Alone Casablanca version 2.7.1 nonlinear editor (9GB: $5,195) DraCo Systems 3380 Mitchell Lane, Ste. 102 Boulder, CO 80301 (303)440-5311 Looking more like a VCR than a computer, the Casablanca is a stand-alone nonlinear editor that saves the user...
Create Hazy Dialogue Audio for a Dream-Like Sound
Dreamy Want your audio to sound as if it were coming from a dream? It's easy. Just make a copy of your original sound track on another tape. Then, play the original and the copy through an audio mixer slightly out of sync. It will take some practice to start...
Take It Light-ly
Camera! Action! Wait. Something's missing. What happened to the lights? You see, just like the famous "Lights! Camera! Action!" we hear reverberated by directors in studios across the land, your production needs lights to make it complete. Proper lighting can give your images depth and dimension, help fill in...
Let the Sun Shine In: How To Control the Great Outdoor Light Source
Oh, the glorious sun. This magnificent ball of burning gas sheds immeasurable power on our world from millions of miles away. It orders our seasons, defines our calendar, lights our days and warms our summers. And, unchecked, it makes for really bad video. That's right--for all the things our sun does...
Here's a quick three-part quiz for you to take: Which offers better image quality? poorly lit, first-generation VHS footage poorly lit, second-generation VHS footage well-lit, third-generation VHS footage Which looks best? poorly lit video from a $10,000 camcorder poorly lit video from a $2,000 camcorder well-lit video from a $500 camcorder Finally,...


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