Whether you're recording your daughter's wedding or shooting tape of your mule ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon -- if the aim of your video is to say "This is what happened," it's part of a tradition as old as the invention of the motion picture itself:...
Traveling for pleasure ought to be an ideal subject for video: exotic locales, colorful people, exciting events, spectacular scenery--how can you lose? So you videotape with abandon, haul 40 hours of footage homeward, and spend days carving it into a carefully assembled program. The result? First we went here...
A renewed interest in wildlife preservation has increased the frequency of animal "shootings." Fortunately, they're happening with video cameras! There's no better way to capture the reality of the wilds than with the "aliveness" of video. However, taking a video camera outdoors to record animals in their natural habitats presents...


Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera

Awarded to one lucky winner

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with a 24-105 mm f/4L lens

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