Cutting Through the Noise: Overcoming the Challenges of Location Sound
When working on a tight budget web series, or a low budget film, there is no money — or time — to re-record audio. You have to get it right the first time, in the field. This article will help you overcome noisy obstacles and capture high quality audio...
See the H8ful Eight in Glorious 70mm Panavision
What is the key to capturing good quality audio? Is it about having the right equipment? Or is it about closely controlling your environment, and eliminating all those annoying background buzzing noises? Mark Ulano has worked on more than 120 films in a career spanning 40 years. In 1997...
Wireless lav mic transmitter and receiver
The freedom to roam, the quality of wired and no monthly fees! You can have it all with the right wireless mic system.
Extreme low angle shot from Citizen Kane.
Dialogue is an excellent narrative tool, but beyond moving the plot forward, a well-shot dialogue scene can dramatically impact tone, character development and audience feeling.
Lugging around the right gear is important for capturing great sound, but sometimes you need to take a break.
There’s no such thing as a universal microphone. Your best choice will necessarily vary according to each specific situation.
It’s important to understand how a compressor and limiter works.
Field audio case with field mixer, mic, audio recorder and headphones.
How much did you spend on your perfect audio kit? What audio kit, you ask? For some reason, many video creators treat the audio portion of their productions like a distant cousin. Talk on blogs and forums is all about pixels, sensor size, codecs and bitrates. There is little,...
For hidden lav mic placement
Lavalier microphones are a trusted stand-by in the gear bag of any video producer. The small size and clear vocal reproduction of a quality lav mic makes it ideal for placing on on-screen talent. In studio situations, a lav mic is most typically clipped to the talent's clothing, either...
Whether you’re shooting with a DSLR with sub par audio controls or you need more inputs than your camcorder has, a field mixer can help expand your audio possibilities and get you better quality audio.
Shot of a young woman putting a shotgun mic into a boom holder.
Watch any behind-the-scenes bonus feature or documentary and you will likely see a boom microphone or boom mic. In fact, you’ll see boom mics on the set of any television drama, reality show and even game shows. They’re standard gear in motion pictures, documentaries and virtually any visual production...