A very interesting article, on the theory of editing sound by Walter Murch can be found at transom.org. It's a very enlightening look at sound design, with many interesting theories, and practical examples of those theories from the film's he's worked on. It makes you think about sound editing...
The Art of the Remix
DJs aren't the only people who want to blend the music from song to song for the dance floor; anyone can enhance a song with just a little bit of remixing knowledge. You're enjoying a new movie when, suddenly, you hear the start of one of your favorite songs....
Mix it Right
Mixing audio correctly is a true art form, as well as a necessary skill to have in your video production toolbox. After all, sound is half the experience of a video production.I have a confession: I love to watch infomercials. Now, before you laugh too hard, infomercials can be...
Rip It Good
When a good song comes along, you must rip it... A guide to extracting tracks from your audio CDs (of material that you're entitled to use) for your video projects. It's so easy to forget the past. In roughly ten years, the revolution that is desktop video has all but...


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