A successful livestream starts with a plan. You need to start by deciding what content you want to show, setting up your devices, and deciding on your team structure.
Don't live stream without this tutorial. You will learn how to make a high-quality livestream.
With this tutorial, you will learn how to produce a remote multi-cam livestream.
Some people say that live streaming is the future. What do you think?
Have you been thinking about going live? If so, this video is for you!
Recording when there are loud conversations in your recording environment can make it hard to capture what you want.
Nowadays, audio is everything. That's why it's crucial to have a microphone that can capture crystal-clear sound for all your videos.
This video will guide you through the world of dynamic microphones.
You might be wondering what a shotgun mic is or what it does. Shotgun mics are different from every other microphone out there.
Need help picking a microphone? This video will discuss all you need to know about microphone pickup patterns.