In this video, you will learn the basic stages of video post-production.
With their compact size and lowering price tags, it's no wonder why drones are quickly becoming the go-to tools for videographers shooting aerial video.
Drones have been in the spotlight for a while now.
Whether on the ground or in the air, cinematography is all about composition.
Flying drones requires a lot of research and preparation.
Great aerial footage only gets you so far, so we created this guide to help you work with drone footage in post-production.
Here's your one-stop guide to setting up your drone.
Interested in aerial cinematography? Wondering what equipment is needed for a top-notch video? Look no further.
Every time you take your drone out flying, it's your responsibility to ensure you're doing it within the confines of drone law.
Live video streaming is easier than ever, but for those who don't have experience behind the camera, it can be daunting.