You’ll learn the definitions and basic design techniques of making buttons, menus and backgrounds.
This video will help you determine the best navigational format for your DVD by breaking it into chapters and linking them up.
You’ll get an overview of advanced features including: DVD-ROM, multiple languages and subtitles as well as details on various professional distribution requirements.
There are a number of lights and lighting kits available today. Learn how they can help you make the videos you’re after.
Formats and Codecs
With the continuing evolution of digital video and the advent of consumer-accessible high-definition video, the landscape has changed. New formats have come to light, and, with them, new codecs are now in fairly widespread use. Say What? A codec is defined as a compressor/decompressor, or a piece of hardware or software...
In this week's episode, Brandon Pinard will show you a cheap and easy way to create a fake blood special effect.
Below are some common and not-so-common lighting terms that you'll find in the film and video production lingo. For more lighting terms not listed here, see page 80 in the July 2005 issue of Videomaker accent light Any single light that high-lights one single subject. The light can be a...
Lighting Terms
Ambient Light A light that doesn't highlight any one subject for a natural room light effect. Usually a nondirectional light. Artificial lightMan-made illumination not limited to "indoor" variety: fluorescent bulbs, jack-o'-lanterns and a car's headlights all qualify. Typically, it has lower color temperature than natural light, and thus more reddish...