Blackmagic Design claims new eGPU Pro is twice as fast as its predecessor

Blackmagic Design has announced their next Apple-oriented external GPU, which they claim is twice as fast as the original. The new eGPU Pro promises a 22X performance boost over the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s Intel-based video processing.

The original eGPU was seen as helpful to Apple pros who wanted more graphics power on their MacBooks. But $700 for just Radeon Pro 580 graphics was a big turn off for many. Now the new eGPU Pro seems to offer an overall better value.

Twice as fast as the original

Pros will be happy to know that the eGPU Pro uses Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with a faster Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics. Plus, Blackmagic says there’s a 22X performance boost — great news for GPU-aware creative apps. They should run a lot more smoothly. Additionally, gamers may even consider Blackmagic’s eGPU to boost game performance. Blackmagic says the eGPU Pro will deliver higher resolution, higher frame rate gameplay, better lighting and more detailed textures.

Blackmagic's eGPU Pro
Blackmagic’s eGPU Pro

“The new Blackmagic eGPU Pro is exciting because it delivers nearly twice the performance of the original model of the Blackmagic eGPU,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “Whether you’re editing and color grading professional video with DaVinci Resolve, playing 3D games or working in VR, the Blackmagic eGPU Pro gives you the latest cutting edge graphics performance and computational acceleration available. It simply makes everything faster and makes everything look better!”

Also, this model doubles as a hub with Thunderbolt 3 daisy chaining, four USB-A ports, HDMI, and a 5K-capable DisplayPort connection.

Overview of Blackmagic’s eGPU Pro

  • Compatible with any Thunderbolt 3 – enabled Mac
  • Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics processor with 8GB of HBM2 memory
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Four USB 3 ports
  • HDMI 2.0 port
  • DisplayPort 1.4 port
  • 85W power delivery
  • Height: 11.59 inches
  • Length: 6.96 inches
  • Width: 6.96 inches
  • Weight: 9.92 pounds

Pricing and availability

The eGPU Pro will be available in late November the hefty price tag of $1,199 on

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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