Terry O'Rourke

Terry O'Rourke specializes in retail advertising photography and videography for clients worldwide.

The Four Attributes of Light

Capturing Light Your camcorder captures light, records it and stores it in such a way that allows you to play it back so everyone can see what your camera saw....

Using Scrims and Reflectors

You wouldn't paint every fine art piece with a roller and broom, so why light all your scenes with 1000-watt tungstens or 4-foot florescent panels? Sometimes your scene requires...

Get Real with Practicals

I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to production. I don't like to be late and I don't usually allow the existing lighting in any environment control...

Paint your Canvas with Light

"Videography - the practice or art of recording images with a video camera" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)The word "videography" is derived from the word "photography" which is defined as: the art...

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