13 Keys to Successful Event Video



Good advice

#1 Make friends with their A/V guy. He knows everybody and where everything is. Treat him with respect. Remember how it was when you were the a/v guy, helper, PA, etc.


You're absolutely right!  Every event I have worked at with a dedicated AV staff has seen him or her (or them) carrying the outcome of every presentation squarely on their shoulders.  My part is usually quite miniscule in comparison - at least at the time.  They may want their video a week later or a feed up on screen (also usually the AV staff's responsibility), but they need presentations perfect NOW!  I always treat AV staff with respect, and having done a bunch of that kind of work myself in the past, I understand and respect the knowledge and quick-on-their-feet creativity they have to have to get the job done, no matter what goes wrong. 


Thanks for reading the article and enjoying the advice!



Very use ful advice

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Really I will be beneficial from this article to become a good video maker. I was unknown about the third and tweleve point. You give me a new way of working condition. I think if i will follow the above points honestly I will proved my self in video making. Thanks to show me the way in which I can utilise my tallent.




Well done, Russ!

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I remember reading this article when it was first published, and it resonates with me even more now! I could actually write comments to all 13 of your points and they would make an interesting read unto themselves! I write a blog on my website and mention some of the things you share here. One of the overarching themes relates to preparation and for me, it's the best way to keep "Mr. Murphy" ("if it can go wrong, it WILL.....") out of my hair. Most of my work is "single person crew" (SPC) and without preparation, I would probably be looking for a sharp knife of big caliber gun! All seriousness aside, you wrote a great essay and we should pay attention to all 13 of your points! 

Point #2

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This can be critical when self appointed directors give conflicting instructions, or third parties such as event security are involved.  The ability to say that one is following the contact's instructions and will need to get any changes from that person can be invaluable.  Just be sure to clear this arrangement with the contact beforehand.