New Gear: K-Tek, GenArts, Sony, Sanho Corporation, Audio-Technica


Whether you prefer to shoot handheld or with a tripod, K-Tek’s Norbert Camera Mounting System adds flexibility to your HDSLR and compact HD camcorder set-ups. Made from machined aluminum, the Norbert frame includes up to 23 standard shoe mounts and a handful of 1/4×20 and 3/8×16 threaded holes, ensuring a place for all of your shoe-mountable accessories including field monitors, lights, audio recorders and microphones. The Norbert is customizable, making it adjustable to your shooting needs.

MSRP $199 frame only


GenArts’ Sapphire Edge allows editors to create customizable visual effects
with a few clicks of a button. It includes over 350 preset looks generated from 18 effects and transitions, and allows editors to browse different looks, apply and customize effects with a set of controls. FX Central is a subscription-based online library of preset looks and tutorials. New looks are added each month to keep subscribers’ libraries relevant and up-to-date with current motion graphics trends.

MSRP: $299


Sony hits two birds with one stone with the release of the DEV-5 digital recording binoculars. The device combines the magnification of binoculars with the recording capabilities of a camcorder, allowing users to not only capture nature in their sights, but to record those sightings in 3D or 2D Full HD (1920×1080) video as well. Other features include: 20x magnification (10x optical, 10x digital), geotagging with a built-in GPS receiver, a built in 2-channel stereo mic, a mic/headphone jack and still image capture.

MSRP $2,000

Sanho Corporation

The Sanho HyperThin Ultra Portable HDMI Cable might be small, but it is no lightweight in terms of performance. Capable of Full HD 1080p (up to 8K) resolution, it supports the latest HDMI 1.4, 3DTV and 7.1 channel digital surround audio specifications. It also supports more than 15.8Gps HD bandwidth, 240Hz video refresh rate and 48-bit color. The HyperThin’s ultra-light weight, compact size and flexibility makes the HDMI cable a convenient solution for video producers on the go.

MSRP: $20 and up


The Audio-Technica AT2022 is designed for field sound capture and stereo audio recording. The X/Y configured microphone contains two unidirectional condenser capsules that are easily adjustable for a narrow (90-degree) or wide (120-degree) pick-up pattern, adding to the spatial realism of the scene. The mic is powered by a single AA battery, which makes it operational with most recording devices.


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