Top 10 Best Voice Over Tips

Top 10 Best Voice Over Tips


6 - Listen To the Pros

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I am assuming by this paragraph that you are saying to listen to VO audios that have previously been done by "pros".  Do you also mean taking direction/ or running samples of your own voice by "pros" ?  How can you distinguish between a "pro" in the field and somebody who just posts a website claiming " X years of experience" or " Voice Over expert John Doe" ?  DO they need to have MP3 demos uploaded to the sight to be considered "pros" ? Do they need to have "credits" listed on their site as evidence that they are "pros" ? Thanks !  

Listen to the Pros

I think the author is suggesting that one listen to voiceovers in ads for major consumer brands, like cars, beers, laundry soaps and the like. Listen for the performance--is it authoritative, or is it friendly? Is it folksy, or flawless? VOs for big brands can help a producer find models for a VO, and they can help talent find the right tone. And for beginning talent, or non-professional talent in a limited-budget production, they can help with the basics of pace and intonation.