Less is More - Editing Titles and Graphics

Less is More - Editing Titles and Graphics


Just saw the WASP version

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Just saw the WASP version of "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" the other night with the James Bond titles on steroids. All I could think was that it must have cost a few million in CG googahs and when it ended I asked my wife - "Did you see any titles?" "Nope." Stark, cold, white on black would have been much more impactful and way cheaper. It felt like they didn't think we'd know how to feel or react and were too stupid to get the director's vision. Just tell the story in the movie.

I admit that I struggled s

I admit that I struggled sometimes with finding the right font (excuse me typeface) for a particular scene, especially with lower thirds. Often times I would watch TV programs and really good lower thirds that just used fonts that weren't overly fancy. I've gotten good tutorials form Videocopilot.net as well as CreativeCow.com to create good to create titles and logos. That has helped a lot in moving up a step on the creative ladder.

Usually the Ones with the Most Tools

Allow me to paraphrase one of your excellent observations:


Many Editors (usually the ones with the most tools) tend to make a muck of their cuts, adding quick cut after quick cut, phoney lens flares, desaturated color, added contrast, and purposely degraded images  -- just because they can. Their poor viewers and their eyes - how do they manage?


As a director and photographer I am continually amazed at how our gorgeous HD images and pristine shots are shredded into annoying meaninglessness in the editing room.  Why?  Why add vignettes and 'scratches'?  Why cut just before the conclusion of the action we're all waiting to see and then do it multiple times without resolution?  Do they think we're so naive we can't enjoy wonderful images and framing?  Do they think our attention spans are so short we need the 'added energy' of supercharged cutting?


Oh wait, I forgot.... We're all supposedly watching on our cell phones.