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Studios Space Is Fast Becoming Obsolete

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Your article couldn't be more timely, although seeming a bit quaint at the same time. After spending my entire working career in video production in the same area of Florida, I am moving to another part of the country. After a lot of serious thought and debate, I have decided to simply set up shop in my new home instead of wasting money on yet another new studio setup. I have had five studio setups since 2001, with some costing several thousand dollars a month in rent, not to mention the cost of furnishing a uber-hip client-friendly edit environment. While my studio areas had a constant flow of clients and talent shooting in them over the years, the edit suite had a grand total of... Five client visitors over the past sixteen years. And none of them were in the last three. Long gone are the days when clients used to come in and sit all day while we broke for lunches and plowed back into the edit session far into the night. These days, the clients seem perfectly happy to make revisions and suggestions via emailed Quicktimes. I can't speak for other editors, but I surely don't miss having clients sit over my shoulder for ten hours a day telling me stories of their kids' baseball games and bad jokes. I for one welcome the development of the studio-less post-production company as one of the best things to happen to the industry in a very long time!