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Edirol’s New Editing Appliance

The DV-7 VideoCanvas from Edirol comes with a 60GB hard drive, keyboard and mouse, supports both storyboard and timeline editing and features real-time transitions and special effects. An optional jog shuttle, T-bar controller is also available.

(800) 380-2580

Suggested retail price (including controller):


Hot Connection

Adaptec’s FireConnect 4300 digital video editing kit consists of an AFW-4300 FireWire adapter card, MGI’s VideoWave 4 SE digital video editing software and an Adaptec FireWire cable. It supports Windows 98 SE, 2000/Me and Mac OS 8.6 or later.

(408) 945-8600

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FireWire Kit

The AVerKit 2.5"(1394) from AVerMedia promises to speed up your IDE Hard Drive and convert it to FireWire. The Kit increases your speed to 400Mbps and two FireWire ports allow you to daisy chain up to 63 more devices. You can use the AVerKit 2.5" on a Pentium 200 or above with Windows 98 SE, 2000 or ME and a FireWire enabled PC or Mac.

(408) 263-3828

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Blast Off

Video Blaster MovieMaker from Creative Labs is an external capture device that connects to a computer by way of the USB port. It will convert analog video and audio to MPEG-2 for recording to your computer’s hard drive. Video Blaster MovieMaker comes bundled with Ulead’s Media Studio video editing software.

(800) 998-5227

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Four on the Floor

Telemetrics, Inc. has released a camera controller that can control the operation of up to four cameras. The CP-ITV Controller is specifically designed for use with ultra-compact PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras from Canon, Sony and Panasonic.

(201) 848-9818

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iMove You

iMove Inc. has released the Multiview Production Suite, a software package designed for Web content developers. The software makes digital video interactive by allowing you to add Web-linked hotspots, multiple camera angles and panoramic views to your video. You can produce content for CD-ROM, DVD and Web delivery.

(503) 221-2449

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Dandy Handycam

According to Sony, the DCR-PC110 Digital Handycam is the first Mini DV camcorder to incorporate both Mega-pixel imaging and MPEG Movie mode. The MPEG conversion allows up to sixty seconds of selected video to be converted to an MPEG-1 movie. Video or still images are saved to the Memory Stick digital memory card.

(800) 222-7669

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Help Me Mr. Wizard!

The DV-Wizard PRO from Hauppauge is a PCI card with three 1394 connectors that allow you to hook up your DV camcorder to a PC. Using the included Ulead MediaStudio 6.0 SE, you can edit and add effects to your home video. DV-Wizard PRO converts your video into compressed MPEG-1 and also allows you to burn your edited product onto CD-ROM for play on your DVD player.

(631) 434-1600

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ToCAD, So Glad

ToCAD America, Inc. offers the PicturesPlus Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery Kit. The kit includes four AA high capacity Ni-MH batteries and a four-hour rapid charger which allows you to charge all four batteries in four hours. You can also get a pack of four AA batteries without the charger.

(973) 428-9800

Suggested retail price: (including batteries)


Gently Down the Stream

CinePlayer Editor from Ravisent Technologies allows you to edit MPEG-1 files without decompressing. It features full screen preview, edge clipping, real-time preview and NTSC and PAL support. The CinePlayer uses Windows 95, 98 or NT4 and comes bundled with CinePalette Plus software that lets you make .asf or RealVideo files from any source file.

(800) 700-0362

Suggested retail price: $50

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