ikan Table/Mini LED Light Kit

The Table/Mini LED light kit is a light weight and portable (LED) light designed by ikan for use on tabletops. In certain situations, standard studio lighting systems are not practical and small lighting fixtures that can be kept on the table may yield a better result. To suit the tabletop photography/video needs, ikan has modified its iLED-ONE light by attaching a flexible tripod and producing the iLED-ONE-TK.

The original iLED-ONE light was designed to mount on cameras. It served as an energy efficient, light weight and customizable light source for portable cameras. With the tripod, the iLED-ONE has been transformed into a versatile LED light fixture suitable for use on platforms of many shapes and sizes.


Flexibility of the tripod, customization of color temperature and portability are the most prominent features of the iLED-ONE-TK. Each tripod leg is flexible and hand adjustable. The legs can bend independently of each other, allowing the beam to point in any desired direction. Not only can the tripod be set on a variety of surfaces, the legs are so flexible that they can bend around a pipe in order to hang the light upside-down. Manipulating the legs takes a little work but there’s a little fun and creativity included.

As with the iLED-ONE, the bulb in the iLED-ONE-T can also change out. One can use either the tungsten (3200K) LED bulb or the daylight (5600K) LED bulb with spot light (40-degrees) or flood light (60-degrees) beam angles. This allows for customization of the lighting conditions as per the requirement of the shot.



Price: $299

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