Adobe Creative Cloud Updates Promise Smarter Tools for Video Editors

Adobe today at IBC 2018 unveiled a ton of new features being added to the Creative Cloud suite and a lot of them are focused on video editing.

The Creative Cloud is getting video enhancing features and improvements like accelerated motion graphics workflows and tools for audio cleanup, color grading and character animation, as well as 180 VR support.

Let’s take a look at what Adobe’s adding to the Cloud for video editors:

What’s Coming to the Cloud?

Audio Cleanup — Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro will now have an Intelligent Audio Cleanup tool that will instantly remove noise or reverb from recordings. There will be a Reduce Noise and Reduce Reverb slider in the Essential Sound panel, so you can fine tune those automatic adjustments.

Better Sound — Also coming to Auditions are tools that look to improve your video’s audio. New cleanup tools DeNoise and DeReverb will let you reduce or remove background noise and reverb from sound clips. The program’s algorithm will take care of all the nitty-gritty adjustments.

More Control over Color — For a more simplistic and precise way to color correct in Premiere Pro and After Effects, there’s now selective color grading and color management. The Selective Color Grading tools expand the Hue Saturation panel by offering more tools with more precision by paring values — like Hue / Hue and Luma / Saturation — on two axes.

180 VR — There are new support features for 180-degree video in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Those features include optimized ingest, editing and effects for monoscopic and stereoscopic content. Additionally, finished videos can be output in the Google VR180 format for uploading to platforms like YouTube.

More ways to animate — After Effects will have new Meshing Sculpting tools. These tools will allow you to mold layers into new shapes as well as twist, bend and scale those shapes. Also, for all you Character Animator users, Adobe Sensei can now instantly create and animate stylized artwork. So if you want a Picasso-style animated portrait of yourself, Sensei can help create that with the new Characterizer tool.

Easier, Better Collaboration — Both groups and individual collaborators can be invited for Team Projects. Adobe adds that you can “easily access team members from your enterprise address book to choose collaborators and save groups.”

Improve Adobe Stock Workflows — Users can search and sort millions of 4K and HD footage and “professionally-designed” Motion Graphics templates from the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

When are the updates coming to the Creative Cloud?

Adobe is planning to integrate these features into the Creative Cloud later this year. You can read the full announcement at

Adobe also rolls out beta version of Project Rush

We’ve covered Project Rush before; it’s Adobe’s new multi-platform video editing software that combines the core features of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition into a single user-friendly app. Well, Adobe’s now released the beta version of Project Rush. The final version is expected for release later this year.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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