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YouTube is spending 25 million to beefing up their news organization and media experts and to create grants for news stations around the world

YouTube’s full of conspiracy videos and fake news stories. To make things worse, those videos are often showcased. That might be changing soon, however.

YouTube has announced it’s investing $25 million into legitimate news organizations all around the world. As for the YouTube’s own news problem, the company is implementing shelves of trusted news content and links to reliable sources across YouTube’s search results, trending tab and homepage.

YouTube’s lending a hand in the fight against fake news

According to a blog post from YouTube, the $25M it’s giving away will create a group of news organizations and media experts that will advise YouTube about new features. The money will additionally be used to expand YouTube’s team that collaborates with new publishers.


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Part of the money will be distributed to “news organizations of all types” in the form of grants. The news organizations that win the grants will use their winnings to “build key capabilities, train staff on video best practices, enhance production facilities and develop formats optimized for online video.”

What changes are coming to YouTube to combat conspiracy videos?

YouTube last March revealed it was going to incorporate a new feature for breaking news stories and conspiracy videos that would allow access to credible sources on the subject. It looks like YouTube could be launching this feature soon. The update will implement text boxes with links to sources to reliable source pertaining to the news story being watched. Nationally, the platform will link to fact-checking articles for a small number of videos that deal with topics bombarded with conspiracy claims.

Additionally, YouTube will be highlighting more local news stories.

YouTube is full of misinformation and it’s going to be an extremely hard fight to remove it all. Hopefully, YouTube’s ambition to combat fake news continues to grow and the platform, at the very least, begins to promote outlandish conspiracy videos less frequently.

Go to the YouTube blog if you want to read more about the updates that YouTube has planned.


  1. YouTube is going to invest in “real” news organizations?
    If they give any money or credence to CNN, YouTube has no credibility with that statement.
    Same goes for NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, et al.

  2. It’s myopic to think that all these so called credible big news outlets are always telling the truth. We need the little guy with the conspiracy videos to keep them honest. It’s a shame they’re doing this and it’s disappointing they’re trying to squash free speech!

  3. I hate conspiracy theories with a passion, but I think this is a really bad move. Youtube has proven time and time again that it is incapable of keeping it’s own bias and political opinion out of it’s moderation team. Youtube is notorious for providing extremely vague and ambiguous wording in its guidlines in effort to grant the moderators complete unfettered flexibility to do whatever they think it best. So basically youtube leaves the ultimate decision about whether a video is good or bad to opinion and bias of the moderator that reviews the video.

    I doubt very seriously that youtube even has the capability to fairly and unbiasly determine what is and is not fake news. So what we are looking at is just another attempt of youtube to censor content they disagree with, which they are already doing in other fields of interest.

    Bad idea.

  4. THE END OF YOUTUBE AS IT IS? This will damage YouTube enormously! So a bunch of people “from all over the world” are going to tell us what fake news is and what not? Hahaha! Okay, things of which can be proven it’s fake news (read: lies) are not good thing. But also “real news” from the big broadcasters is often fake, affected by politics, money, powerplay, other interests, personal bias. And often nobody knows precisely what is going on. News facts are rarely facts, but jyst the opinion of certain people.
    And you know what? Next step is that YouTube is going to ban certain faith based (read: Christian) opinions about certain subject, because certain people don’t want to hear it. And then it’s called ‘conspiracy theories’ and whatever label you want to use.
    Anyway, where does this come from? Not from people that watch YouTubem because everybody with a little bit of brains can think for her- or himself. You guys use the words “fake news” and “huge”, so is this whole thing pressure from the White House???
    I hope you won’t persevere in this not too bright idea, because it’s not good for YouTube.

  5. Ahh censorship by any other name. I’m sure the people deciding what’s fake and what’s real will have no political agenda whatsoever.

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