Cinemartin is Bringing the First 8K Global Shutter Cinema Camera to Life

Cinemartin reports that they are currently developing an 8K camera with Global Shutter and it’s being called the Fran.

This is very shocking news because Cinemartin is known mainly for making accessories, not cameras. But the small Spanish company is promising a full fledged 8K Global Shutter Digital Cinema Camera this fall.

What is Global Shutter?

Simply put, global shutter captures all images in one instance, while rolling shutter rolls though the image it is capturing and captures the image by scanning it from top to bottom. Rolling shutter often times can leave moving object looking curved or bent. Global shutter, since it is catuping the entire image at once, keeps moving objects looking like they do in life. Watch our video below for a more in depth explanation of rolling shutter and global shutter.

The Main Features

The Fran is said to be an 8K camera with a 50 MP (4:3) sensor, global shutter and 15.5 stops of dynamic range. Here are the key points we know about this camera so far:

  • Global Shutter
  • Sensor 4:3 – 37 x 27mm (Supports VistaVision 1:47 aspect ratio 7920 x 5388
  • Video tools: Histogram (monochrome, colour), False colour, Focus Assist
  • Customizable software: Object count, automated magnification, face detection
  • User-defined Color temperature, Auto White Balance, Sharpness
  • LUTs
Fran prototype
Fran sensor

It’s also Customisable and Compact

The Fran will allow third parties to develop custom software to further improve its specs through a opencv based programming interface.

The body of the Fran is said to be made of aluminium with dimensions of 11 cm x 14 cm x 9 cm. The camera is additionally reported to have built-in wireless connectivity and USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt 3 (TB) ports, and an HDMI port with an output resolution of up to 4K for monitoring.

Fran prototype
Fran prototype

What does this mean for Cinemartin?

When you look at the industry as a whole, camera giants like Sony and Panasonic have just introduced 4K global shutter sensors. It’s almost too hard to believe that a company that’s never made a camera before claims it’s working with a sensor manufacturer to create an 8K Global Shutter camera. But we aren’t counting Cinemartin out and we truly hope that the Fran will be its Cinderella story.

Pricing and Availability

Cinemartin says that the Fran will ship this fall. There will be a limited number of cameras available though. Also a price hasn’t been disclosed.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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