The Phantom v2640 Claims Title of Fastest 4MP Camera Available

Vision Research, the company behind the Phantom v2640, is no stranger to developing crazy fast cameras. In 2014, they released the Phantom v2511 that delivered some of the slowest slow-mo in the world. Now, the Phantom v2640, according to Vision Research, is the fastest 4-megapixel camera available today with the capability of shooting at 6,600 fps at its full 2048 x 1952 resolution and a staggering 11,750 fps at 1920 x 1080.

“We’re excited to bring this extremely high image quality to the high-speed camera market,” says Jay Stepleton, Vice President and General Manager of Vision Research. “In designing this new, cutting-edge sensor, we focused on capturing the best image in addition to meeting the speed and sensitivity requirements of the market. The 4-Mpx design significantly increases the information contained in an image, allowing researchers to better understand and quantify the phenomena they are observing.”

How slow can it go?

The Phantom v2640 sports a 4-Megapixel CMOS image sensor that produces 2048 x 1952 footage at up to 6,600 fps and 26 Gpx/sec. You can also choose to shoot at a lower resolution, 1920 x 1080, to shoot at up to 11,750 fps.

See just how much the v2640 can slow things down for yourself:

In this 720p clip shot at 17,000 fps, you can literally see the needle’s line of penetration as it passes through the water as it falls.

Clean, High-res Capture

The v2640’s also has a high dynamic range of 64 dB and has the lowest noise floor of all the Phantom cameras (7.2 e-). This should mean for clean, high-resolution images capture on the v2640. It’s high dynamic range should also aid in capturing all the little details in high-contrast areas, and its low noise should make footage shot in dark conditions much clearer with less noise.

It’s also reported to have “exceptional light sensitivity,” according to Vision Research, featuring an ISO count of 10,000D for monochrome and 3,200D for color.

Multiple Operating Modes

There are multiple operating modes that you can access on the v2640. Besides the standard mode, there’s a high-speed mode that provides 34% higher throughput to get to that 6,6000 fps. Monochrome cameras can also incorporate binning that will convert the v2640 into a 1-Mpx camera with the ability to capture 25,030 fps at full resolution while having a high sensitivity.


Tech specs

  • 4-Mpx sensor (2048 x 1952), 26Gpx/sec throughput
  • Dynamic range: 64 dB
  • Noise level: 7.2 e-
  • ISO measurement: 16,000D (Mono), 3,200D (Color)
  • 1 µs minimum exposure standard, 499ns / 142ns minimum exposure with export-controlled FAST option
  • 4 available modes: Standard, HS and Binning (in Standard and HS)
  • Standard modes feature Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) performed directly on the sensor to provide the lowest noise possible
  • Up to 288 GB of memory
  • 10-Gb Ethernet standard
  • Compatible with CineMag IV (up to 2 TB)

You can learn more about the Phantom v2640 at its product page.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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