CES 2018: The Vuze+ is Humaneyes’ Brand New 4K VR 360 Live Broadcasting Camera

Known for their prosumer 360 camera, Humaneyes has unveiled the next generation of their Vuze VR 360 camera, the Vuze+. The $1,199 Vuze+ camera is, in Humaneyes’ own words, “the first camera to give VR content creators, filmmakers, and video and production industry pros the full suite of tools needs for capturing, producing and sharing VR content.”


In its overall design, the Vuze+ looks very similar to the original Vuze: it has four pairs of 4K cameras and has a overall rounded square shape, meaning most of the updates added to the Vuze+ are internal. The Vuze+ has improved microphones that aim to recorded better spatial audio as well as improved lenses, Humaneyes themselves say that the lenses decrease chromatic aberrations by providing “better edge to edge sharpness and stronger contrast.”


“The VR camera market has steadily grown, but only few camera options allow users to shoot in true VR with 3D video. Additionally, once a video is shot and produced, many users don’t have a way to easily share their VR stories, which has been the key missing component in helping drive VR adoption,” said Humaneyes Technologies’ CEO, Shahar Bin-Nun. “The Vuze+ VR Camera addresses this issue and expands the VR ecosystem from true VR capture to production to consumption, allowing anyone to create and share truly immersive VR experiences.”

In addition, the camera’s listed to have IP65 water and dust protection and features a sturdier body.

And the Vuze+'s live broadcasting capabilities should allow you to live preview your shots while you’re shooting and also broadcast live 3D 360 4K video to places like Facebook, YouTube and Periscope. These Live broadcasting capabilities can also be added to the original Vuze camera for $199 if your interested in going that route.

Humaneyes has also updated their software for both the Vuze+ and the original Vuze with new features for the Vuze Camera App, now offering “full manual control and live preview” with an “additional capture mode with 60 fps for 2D 360 videos, time lapse capabilities, new exposure settings, photo stitching from within the app and the ability to share a VR photo from the app directly to social networks.” Also, with the included Vuze VR Studio Software 9  — five licenses are included with each camera — users are promised access to “horizon stabilization, enhanced editing  capabilities, and more output formats.”

The Vuze+ will be retailing for $1,199. You can learn more at Vuze.Camera.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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