CES 2018: GoPro Releases Mobile OverCapture for Fusion 360-degree Camera

The Fusion was announced alongside GoPro’s HERO6 Black last September, offering 360-degree capture. But at the time, GoPro was also touting the camera’s OverCapture feature, which, through the GoPro app, allows you to create a fixed-position video out of your 360-degree footage. Now, slightly over three months later, GoPro has officially released the Fusion’s Mobile OverCapture feature for iOS devices.


“When paired with the GoPro App, Fusion becomes an end-to-end solution going from capture to edit and share with ease. The GoPro App enables users to control the Fusion camera, live preview shots, and stitch, trim and share content right from their iOS device,” says GoPro. “With the new Mobile OverCapture feature, the GoPro App takes the storytelling experience to the next level, allowing iOS users to re-frame and save traditional fixed-perspective videos "punched out" from the large 360-degree video.”

If you happen to be an Android owner, don’t feel left out. GoPro says that there will be support for Android devices in the near future, planning the announcement in the coming months.
Currently, GoPro is offering visitors of CES 2018 a first-hand experience with the new OverCapture feature, allowing visitors to try out the Fusion and direct their own Mobile OverCapture edit at the GoPro booth.

The Fusion is priced at $699 and you can learn more at Gopro.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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