High Sight Launches Mini Version of their Signature Camera Cable System

High Sight is downsizing their featured cable camera with release of the Mini. The Mini is a smaller version of their cable camera systems that High Sight says is “ultra-portable” and “fully autonomous” and claim that it’s “The World’s smallest, most durable, and easy to use cable cam.”


The idea of creating a smaller version of their cable cameras was born when the creator and owner of High Sight realized that they needed to create a more compact product.

“The High Sight Mini has been a blast to create and will be a game changer,” said Kevin Brower, president and chief executive officer of High Sight. “The Mini has evolved into something more than we could’ve hoped for. With our ping pong mode, you can set it up and walk away, it’s like having an extra cameraman on set just continually getting great footage.” High Sight says ping-pong mode is great for capturing footage for things like sport events and concerts.

As said before, the Mini is supposed to be highly portable thanks to its compact design and light weight: just 1.3 lb. It’s so light that High Sight says you can hold the line up yourself if you don’t have two tie-off points. “No tie-off points? No problem, it’s so light that you can simply hold the line! The Mini gives you the freedom to put the camera exactly where you want it. Float an inch off the ground or fly it through tight spaces to capture new and exciting perspectives,” says High Sight.


The maximum payload that the Mini can handle is 3.3 lbs and the fastest it can travel across the wire is 10 mph. The Mini’s wire runs up to 175 feet.

The High Sight Mini priced at $995. You can learn more at High Sight’s website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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