Adobe Demos Possible Future Video and VR Technology at Adobe MAX

At Adobe MAX's Sneaks show, Adobe demoed a few new experimental technologies that they hope will become relevant tools in the future. Among the technologies presented were three that looked to innovate post-production for video and VR/360, including projects known as Cloak, SonicScape and Sidewinder.

Cloak is described by Adobe as a “content-aware-fill” for videos. The tool is supposed to essentially remove any unwanted objects from a record video by interpreting what would appear if the unwanted object wasn’t there to begin with. It’s powered by Adobe’s AI Sensei. In Adobe’s video presentation for Cloak, it seems pretty simple to use — as simple as select and remove witht he software doing most of the work.

SonicScape deals with audio in 360 video and Adobe says that it creates an easier way to place audio where you want it to be in 360 video. For instance, if there’s a sound coming from your left when filming 360 video, you want that sound to be coming from the left when you play it back. Adobe says that SonicScape actually allows you to see where ambisonics are coming from using visible color particles and allows you to simply drag the colors to where you want the sound's origin, allowing for easy alignment.

Sidewinder is said take VR video with a depth map and apply novel view synthesis to allow users to move their heads positionally, making the 3D effect in the headset much more real. Before, in VR video, the camera stays in one place, but Adobe says that with Sidewinder that if you kneel with the headset you will also kneel in the VR video. They also say that if you move your head around a corner, you’ll be able to see the side of that corner.

All of these technologies are just demos and are not available for purchase, but Adobe encourages you to share the technologies on social media if you like them. They say that if they become popular, there’s a strong chance the they could make it into future Adobe products. If your interested in checking out other experimental technologies Adobe presented at Adobe Max, check out their blog post for the event.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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