Patrick Jackson Wins the RØDE Stereo Videomic X Sweepstakes!

Congratulation to Patrick Jackson for winning Videomaker’s RØDE Stereo Videomic X Sweepstakes.

Ever since he was young, Patrick has had an interest in photography and videography. In the past, Patrick has helped his family shoot home videos, participated in a documentary under the name “For the 50 Yard Line”, taken a videography class, and worked as a videographer for his university.

Patrick currently works as a production manager for Global Neighbor and is able to use his videography skills when making video tutorials for the company’s light-based weed killer product he invented called, NatureZap.

Patrick will take home the Rode Stereo VideoMic X, an on-camera microphone that offers both professional audio quality and easy use.

Though he can not say much about his upcoming future projects, Patrick looks forward to using his Rode Stereo VideoMic X for more tutorials about NatureZap and for his own personal video projects.

You can check out Patrick’s company, Global Neighbor, on their Youtube channel or their Facebook page.

Videomaker hopes that this Rode Stereo VideoMic X will aid you in all your future endeavors, Patrick. Keep up the good work!

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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