Last Chance: Don’t leave home without a camera

Last Chance: Don’t leave home without a camera! Enter our action camera sweepstakes.

There are a lot of action cameras out there, but how many of them are yours? Here is your chance to add one to your arsenal. And you won’t need to gather the whole bundle or accessories — we’ve already done that! We just need a winner to send it to. No need to scour the accessories page because you could win virtually all of them here. Now there’s an idea: Do a video using each mount to great effect. It would be a challenge to complete, but we’re pretty sure you know how to get creative, and if you’re still stuck Videomaker consistently shares new techniques for you to try.

Getting the camera will be easier than earning money, and if you win, you won’t even have to pay shipping or punch a frequency card 10 times. Of all the things you don’t need to do, you don’t need to pull out your debit card, gift card, credit score, loan, phone plan or cash. We just need you to check your email to see if your name is drawn, and we will award our lucky winner with a box full of action camera and mounts.

This is a leap year, so you’re getting one additional day in February to put your name in our virtual hat. Don’t miss out on this chance to win a free camera, because by March, it won’t do you any good to enter the Action Anywhere Sweepstakes.

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