CES 2016: NIKON Adds 4K Video in the D5 and D500

The Nikon D5 and D500 are an update of the Nikon’s video capability. Both cameras can now shoot 3840 x 2160 video at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second. For time-lapses, utilizing 4K will be easier with the Time-lapse Movie function.

The D500 has Auto ISO to provide a smooth transition in exposure. It also has the processing power to record to local card and simultaneously output through HDMI. While shooting in 1920 x 1080, the D500 also has an Active D-Lighting function that will adjust exposure to prevent blown-out highlights as well as 3-axis vibration reduction, regardless of the attached lens. [image:blog_post:59125]

Notably, the D5 comes with either dual CF or dual XQD slots, and the D500 has dual XQD and SD slots for blank media. [image:blog_post:59127]

Nikon says, “the camera sports a host of pro video features derived from the D810.” Make no mistake, the D5 and D500 are professional cameras and will help you capture great video, but it seems clear that the D5 is meant for a videographer that’s also a professional photographer.

The D500 is available in March for the body-only price of $2,000. The D5 is available in March for $6,500. Below are the D500 press release, followed by the one for the D5.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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