Best of CES 2016: Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec released the Typhoon H which has sophisticated features for safety, aerial videography and transportation. Video first, the Typhoon H puts together a 4K camera that can capture at 30 fps and landing gear that retracts for flight. The automated flight paths of can be an orbit, follow an imaginary curved cable or go in journey or point of interest mode. These are common shots that tend to highlight the angle and position for which drones are best used. Another key aspect of getting video with the Typhoon H is the display embedded in the remote control — this 720p screen, combined with the fully rotating gimbal, should drastically increase the joy in being the operator.

Then we can’t forget the ease of use features that make it practical to use the Typhoon H. Let’s start from the outside: It comes with a hardcase backpack, and the drone’s arms are lightweight and collapse for travel. While in flight, the Typhoon H uses sensors to resist running into large obstacles and has ultrasonic sensors for flying indoors. There is certainly a theme of safety around Yuneec’s products and the features reflect that with geofencing, low-battery fly home and continued stability in case one motor fails.

Like many producers, we’re excited to see all these features at a lower price point of around $1800. We are pleased to award the Typhoon H the Best Drone of CES 2016 award.

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