Last Chance to Enter the DSLR Kit Giveaway

As a publisher of camera reviews, we get more cameras sent to us than a typical video enthusiast, but that doesn’t diminish any excitement when a camera gets delivered! If you enjoy tearing through packaging and discovering every piece that is included, then you should enter our contest for the Ultimate Run-and-Gun DSLR Kit. We want to share that sensation, so plug in your entry to be sent this prize. The contest is free to enter, additional entries are encouraged, and you’ll be given Videomaker videos and tips along the way.

Many entries are already in, and you have a limited time to boost your chances. The prize is valuable and should be worth the seconds that it takes for you to enter.

If the above was news to you, or you want a reminder of what’s at stake, read on about the Ultimate Run-and-Gun DSLR Kit.

The Canon EOS 70D is an excellent camera. It’s quick to learn with its innovative autofocus, touch screen, and solid image quality. You can shoot 1920×1080 video with the 20MP APS-C sensor. The flip out LCD and Wi-Fi make it versatile. Stabilizing and supporting this DSLR is the Zacuto Marauder, a foldable camera support that rests against your chest. The build on this device is sturdy yet light and can fold up to the size of a large hardback novel. Both the 70D and Marauder have additional pieces of equipment to make them function optimally, an EF mount 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens and a Z-Finder Pro 2.5x. In total, the kit value comes to about $1,845. We can only hope that the winner honors each member of our amazing audience by making great video.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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